Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have created another person in my mind
Negative thoughts - Iam not okay, they are okay. Lack of confidence.
You have wonderful traits like loving, caring and understanding - do you need to create another person

He is everthing i want in my imagination
Negative thought - I am not okay, they are okay. I am not good enough. I do not like myself.
You can be that person in real life, grab all your monkeys and start being the real you. Use active illusion.

He is whatever i cannot or to shy to be in my life
Negative thought - Inferiority, you should have / you shoudn't have
Well it is time you realize you can, just chase away all the monkeys, start believing in yourself and you will find out you can be the real deal.

Everytime i feel inferior i become him, and dream of everthing i want to be
Negative thought- You cannot, you will make a fool of yourself, what will people think of you?
People look up to you, many envy your talents - feel good about yourself and walk tall, they are all going to love you.

He is good looking, a great singer, a good guitarist, agreat storywriter, a film director and the person everone wants to love
Neagtive thoughts - I am not okay they are okay. I cannot / i shoudnt
You are becoming a pretty good guitarist yourself and your singing is great at your range. You know you have capablity to write so why give your talents to someone else. Ask your alter ego to take a hike, send him away with the monkeys - you are taking care of matters now.

The real me is totally lacking in confidence, shy and dreaming and never achieving.
Negative thoughts - I cannot, fear of disapproval, lack of self belief
Grab you monkeys and watch yourself go you are going to kill them and they are going to ask for an encore

I wish the real real me could have all the traits of my alter ego
Neagtive thoughts - I cannot, Iam not okay - they are okay. I shoudn,t.
You have it just look deep into you, chase away the monkeys and you are it. You are a wonderful creation of god, blessed with a vibrant personality. You are god fearing and so you live the right way. Look around and tell me how many people are made like you. Feel proud and live it up.

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