Thursday, November 26, 2009

simulation and counter thought

I knew something like was going to happen. Dubai defaulting on their huge debt has sent all the world markets reeling down.
Negative thoughts - Wishing for the worst, fear.
Who am i kidding. I coudn't have guessed this at all, no way. It caught me by suprise.

I of course was left angry with myself again - why i did not sell all my shares.
Negative thought - I should have, i am not okay.
I sold beautifully today nearly everything. Anyway i know our market has corrected very well ecpecially the cheap shares have been free falling. If at all MONDAY is a time to bargain hunt. Park to buy at rock bottom prices and i might just get lucky. This is not a time to worry - seek opportunity.

Fear is also building up , what is going to happen to our market. A selldown looks imminent.
Negative thought - Fear,restlessness.
I know the cheap counters have all been viciously sold down. Another sharp drop on Monday is going to make it real cheap. All the big traders out there are going to be thinking like me There is definately going to be opportunity.

I am fearing the worst. With the month drawing near this coudn't happen at a worse time.
Negative thought - I cannot take it.
This is not a time for cowardice. How many times i have seen situations like this - there is always money making oppotunities. Think about time and green packet - they already look cheap today, with the extra fall on Monday it is a real chance.

How i am i going to raise money for next month.
Negative thought - I cannot.
Think do not give up, have faith in god, remeber talam and 4388, how did that happen - have faith in god and there will be a way.

What about Akbal"s account, how am i going to cover the losses. Its going to be a torturous three days before i get back to the market.
Negative thought - He is going to be angry, i cannot take it.
Remember when everyone is panicking there is going to be opportunity. Just stay cool and bide my time.