Wednesday, November 11, 2009

simulation and counter attack

I played football for my company. I was reluctant to play because of my thin and skinny legs would be on show.
Negative thought - I am not okay, they are okay, what would they think of me, i cannot
It was your perception, why not chase away the monkeys and you would not care about what other's think.

I did not want anyone laughing at my legs and making fun of me.
Negative thought - Iam not okay, they dont like me, shame
Why pay so much attention on this thought so let them laugh - is it going to hurt you if you tell the monkeys to take a hike. One month from now are they still going to talk aboput you.

As i ran around in the field, i kept feeling that the other people were all laughing at my expense. I really felt embarrased and hated myself for having this thin legs.
Negative thought - They do not like me, I hate myself, why is this happening to me
Do you like yourself, if you do why bother to think about what someone is thinking.