Saturday, October 24, 2009

25th October Ist Simulation and Confrontation

The end of the month is nearing. I am starting to worry about the finances again.
Fear and insecurity
THe month hasn't ended, how sure are you that is going to be anything to worry about.

With no income coming in from Carmen and me, THe situation looks really hopeless.
I am never going to make it - i am doomed
Well are you going to forget about all the other beautiful things happening in your life just because of money?

This is going to be the third month since we started to leave on credit. I would be feeling a little better if there was some kind of income coming in - with expenses totalling about 4000 every month.
Fear, I cannot cope
You have survived three months and you have been reasonably happy, can it get any worse than this?

My back is against the wall, if i leave and take another job, i risk losing my clients.
Fear of losing
So work that much harder now for when the market flies you would be minting money.

Life has never been so hard for me. I feel fearful thinking what is going to happen to my son.
I am not okay they are okay, fear and insecurity.
Really think back the 7 years of hell that you went wondering you would be alive or dead. As for your son, give him more credit - he is a survivor

What if i cannot borrow money fron anyone, what am i going to do?As the days get closer to the 31st, it is going to be nerve wrecking
I cannot take it, i want to run away
Procrastination and by the way do who is running the show the monkey or you?

I am going to be worried and my sleep is going to be affected. I look around me and see everyone with some kind of income, i am really scared and toatlly lost not knowing what to do.
Fear, i am not okay-they are okay, panic.
You had a sleeping problem even in the happiest days of your life. Does their income scare you, why, you can make your own dreams, just be patient

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